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Home of Original Rock-N-Roll Collectibles. Memorabilia & Collectibles are currently being added so make sure to bookmark the website. Marty Eck is the creator of and brings over 35 years of collecting, buying and selling. Contact Marty today!




About – Martin Eck

Being born in the early 1950′s and having an older brother to follow it seams I have always been collecting something, from non-sports gum cards to comics. I am a first generation Beatles fan who bought their records as they came out and loved the 45s with sleeves. I started by going to the comic convention in downtown chicago in the early 1970′s

that ended up becoming half a record show but still the better finds came from flea markets and swap meets. Then I

started running ads in the newspapers and buying whole collections and old juke box shops out and had too much stuff.

First came Back Porch Records as a mailing list and then that turned into my collector record store M&D Records on the south side of Chicago.

During all those years I still went to shows and have met many people and made many friends and contacts and I feel I have built a good reputation on not dealing in bootlegs or dealing in the shady side of these collecting world. I have always looked at this through the eyes of a collector become I still am one.

Many of you may know me from The Beatles guide that I co wrote with Rick and Jeff that went three editions as well as the Monkees guide that I wrote solo that are still being used today as information aids. Over the last 35 years I have met many people in the record industry as well as many artists. These are some of the people who will be contributing product to AtoZ and I will stand behind everything we sell.